[en] CISPES: Honduran prosecutors family attacked after he denounces military coup on CNN


A delegation of anti-coup resistance leaders from Honduras is currently in Washington DC to work towards the unconditional reinstatement of President Zelaya. Please forward the information about the public forum to your contacts in DC.

WHEN: Wednesday, July 15, 2009, 6:00pm
WHERE: Institute for Policy Studies, 16th St NW Washington, DC 20036.
For questions and to RSVP, please contact: natali@mateagroup.com

Honduran prosecutors family attacked after he denounces military coup on CNN

The family of Honduran public prosecutor Jari Dixon Herrera were attacked by police on Tuesday shortly after he made statements to CNN en Español and other international media in Washington denouncing the recent military coup in Honduras. Dixon’s mother’s house, located in the town of Talanga, was first shot at repeatedly by police agents with automatic weapons. The agents then broke the door of the house down and entered the residence, beat Dixon’s mother and arrested and took away his brother. Jari Dixon is currently in Washington, DC, as part of a delegation of Hondurans that has been meeting with members of Congress, representatives of the World Bank, the State Department and human rights organizations to discuss the rights abuses committed by the Honduran de facto authorities.

The attack against Jari Dixons family comes in the wake of the killing of two leaders of the United Democrat Party. On Saturday evening, hooded armed men stormed the house of Roger Bados of San Pedro Sula and shot and killed him in front of his family. That same night, Ramon Garcia was ambushed and killed in the street close to his home in Santa Barbara.

These violent acts, that have gone largely unreported in the US media, strongly resemble the selective repression that occurred under the previous military dictatorship in Honduras, when paramilitary death squads killed or kidnapped key dissidents to maintain a climate of terror in the population. Human rights activists in Honduras have been speaking out against this development under the new coup regime, which comes on the heels of two weeks of violent repression of peaceful demonstrations, the closure of radio and TV outlets and intimidation of journalists who have criticized the coup and hundreds of arbitrary arrests of nonviolent protesters.

Jari Dixon is lawyer with the Honduran Attorney Generals office, and is Vice President of the Association of Honduran Government Attorneys (Asocación de Fiscales de Honduras). In 2008 he coordinated a hunger strike by lawyers who work for the Attorney Generals office in protest of corruption in the legal system.

Dixon, together with the renowned environmentalist and anti-torture activist Dr. Juan Almendares and United Democrat Party congressman Marvin Ponce, traveled to Washington to demand the restoration of the rule of law in Honduras and the return of its constitutional president Manuel Zelaya.



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5 responses to “[en] CISPES: Honduran prosecutors family attacked after he denounces military coup on CNN

  1. Lourdes Martínez

    I don´t speak English very well, but how is possible that you lie. The mother of Jari Dixon say that the police was in your house because the wife of Jari´s brother Carmen Alicia Amador, acused him for domestic violence. That´s is the true. Please don´t hurt my country with lies.

  2. Lourdes Martínez

    Me pregunto a mi misma, por qué me molesto en comentar este artículo, pero luego me dije a mi misma, debo hacerlo por aclarar la verdad. La madre de Jari Dixon ha declarado publicamente y desde su casa que no ha recibido ninguna amenaza, que no le han violado sus derechos, que la policía llegó a su casa porque la ESPOSA DEL HERMANO de Jari Dixon, Carmen Alicia Amador, lo demandó por violencia doméstica. Si ustedes saben eso, porque MIENTEN, solo para JUSTIFICAR LOS FONDOS QUE LES MANDAN LOS ORGANISMOS INTERNACIONALES PARA LA DEFENSA DE LOS DERECHOS HUMANOS. Está bien que se defiendan nuestros derechos humanos, pero por favor no mientan, ya que le están haciendo un gran daño a mi país, no es a la policía, es a nuestro país el que dañan solo por anteponer sus propios intereses.

  3. Oscar

    The own mother of Jari Dixon Herrera declared that it is not true that they have been attacked by police. The police arrested his brother following an accusation of his wife, Carmen Alicia Amador, because domestic violence and home intrusion.
    Mrs Ada Hernández mother of Jari Dixon declared to the media that it was all about a personal family problem were her daughter in law denounced Olvin Saldary Herrera for violence.

    Jari´s mother also mentioned that no violence or shots happened and that nobody was injured.

    here the media report:


    translate it and you will see the facts.

    Mr. Jari Dixon is giving wrong information to the media and world organizations.

  4. Pedro

    More lies, I’m afraid.

    If you are so good at reporting the so-called “facts”, then you should be as good at taking the photos.

    Oh, I don’t see any photos – could this be because the incident never took place?

  5. Guero

    So many fascist gusano agents of the coup are spreading disinformation on the internet. And they have been here!

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