[en] NIKE, Inc: Letter to Secretary Clinton Regarding Honduras

[reposted from Nike website: http://www.nikebiz.com/responsibility/2009SecretaryClintonHondurasLetter.html]

Letter to Secretary Clinton Regarding Honduras

July 27, 2009

The Honorable Hillary R. Clinton
Secretary of State
2201 C St NW
Washington, DC 20520

Dear Secretary Clinton:

As companies that have products made in Honduras, we are deeply concerned about recent events in that country. We understand that serious disagreements exist between the elected President, Congress and the Supreme Court, but these should be resolved through peaceful, democratic dialogue, rather than through military action.

While we do not and will not support or endorse the position of any party in this internal dispute, we feel it is necessary in this case to join with the President of the United States, the governments of countries throughout the Americas, the Organization of American States, the UN General Assembly and the European Union in calling for the restoration of democracy in Honduras.

We are also very concerned about the continuation of violence if this dispute is not resolved immediately, and with restrictions on civil liberties under the July 1 Emergency Decree. We urge for an immediate resolution to the crisis and that civil liberties, including freedom of the press, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of assembly, and freedom of association be fully respected.

We welcome the participation of the contending parties in mediation talks and are hopeful they will achieve a prompt and just solution to all issues in dispute.


NIKE, Inc. The adidas Group Gap Inc. Knights Apparel

Copy: Assistant Secretary of State Thomas Shannon
OAS Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza

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One response to “[en] NIKE, Inc: Letter to Secretary Clinton Regarding Honduras

  1. cesar quant

    hello!! the rule of law is in honduras right now!!! WE RESPECT OUR CONSTITUTION AND OUR LAWS… AND NO PRESIDENT ELECTED IS ABOVE THE LAW!! MR ZELAYA BROKE THE RULE OF LAW DEFING THE CONGRESS, THE SUPREME COURT, THE HUMA RIGHTS AND CATHOLIC AND PROTESTANT CHURCH! THAT THE referendum was ILLEGAL! no body can modify the constitution with out the congress approval! AND HAPPY THAT MANUEL ZELAYA IS NO LONGER THE PRESIDENT OF HONDURAS! his goverment was full of corrupted ministers and being manipulated by hugo chavez in internal policies! WE DONT WANT BEING A VENEZUELAN COLONIE!! WE ARE PROUD OF BEING HONDURAN!!! PLEASE DO NOT CONDEM US!

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