[en] COFADEH denounces threats against its members


The Committee of Relatives of the Detained-Disappeared in Honduras (COFADEH) denounces that this past Sunday, February 7th, at around eight in the morning, Daniel Martinez, who was in our office at the time, answered a phone call to 222-71-44, and a woman warned him: “Be careful because there is going to be an attack against you people, especially those of you who are out in the streets…”

Martinez explained that when he asked the woman who was speaking, she hung up the phone.

This new threat against COFADEH occurs at a time when the repressive forces of the State continue to hunt various people linked to the resistance. Some of the recent incidents that have us on alert are:

On February 3rd, young nurse Vanesa Zepeda (29) was found dead. She was an active participant in the resistance against the coup d’etat and a union activist from the Honduras Institute of Social Security (IHSS). She had left her home at two in the afternoon, after which time there was no further contact with her. Her body was thrown from a vehicle in the Loarque neighbourhood, between 6:30 and 7:00 that night. Administrative persecution by way of layoff hearings in Social Security were the preamble to her death.

On February 2nd, young camerographers Manuel de Jesus Murillo Varela, of the Hable como Habla program, and Ricardo Rodriguez, of the Mi Nacion news program, were temporarily kidnapped by a police unit of men dressed in civilian clothing who drove them to a clandestine jail where they were subjected to “the hood” and were asphixiated to the point that they lost consciousness. They were also contantly threatened that if they did not say where they had money and weapons, their heads and toes would be cut off.

That same night, Resistance members Ariel Lobo and Ricardo Dominguez were arrested by the preventative police and were transferred to the police station in El Manchen. The two were also interrogated about ownership of weapons. In August 2009, Ariel Lobo was the victim of a kidnapping attempt by soldiers and heavilly armed men dressed in civilian clothing who were carrying out an operative in downtown Tegucigalpa.

In mid-January, teacher, indigenous Pech leader and active resistance member Blas Lopez was murdered in the community of Carbonal, in the department of Olancho.

COFADEH requests that the international community, and especially human rights organizations, stay alert and express their concern about the current situation.

Committee of Relatives of the Detained-Disappeared in Honduras, COFADEH

Tegucigalpa, MDC, February 7th, 2010.


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